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Junior Camps

The next stage of our Camping Program is our Junior Camp and this is for our Year 1, 2 and 3 children. The children and staff go away for 2-3 days / nights, usually in late Term 3 or early Term 4.

The children are supported to be independent and to manage their belongings. The children share cabins, there are usually 4 – 6 children per cabin with either ensuite bathrooms or bathrooms in the hallway between the cabins. Staff are in cabins amongst the children’s cabins.

Children take part in a range of activities, usually outdoor adventurous style activities which encourage teamwork, co-operation and challenging oneself.

There are chores for the children to help with, usually the chores involve the duty groups setting and clearing the tables at meal times.

Our Camps venues are chosen based on a number of criteria, excellent facilities and healthy, plentiful food, activity range and cost.

Junior Camp is an important element in the children’s development, the experience fosters independence, resilience, friendships and self-management – all with the support of caring staff.

Senior Camp

Senior Camp builds on the experiences of Junior Camps and it involves students in Years 4, 5 and 6. Students go away for 3 days / 2 nights, and as with Junior Camp, are responsible for managing their suitcase, clothing etc. Depending on the camp, students are able to bring a set amount for spending and need to make decisions about purchases. They are also able to bring a camera. The camp is thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the staff alike, and it supports the students to build on their personal resilience, self-management, friendship and coping skills. Senior Camp usually occurs in late Term 3 or early Term 4.