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Our school is a very attractive, peaceful school, which has the feel of a small country primary school. We are able to offer small class sizes, calm playgrounds and excellent resources.

You are welcome to come for a personal tour and a chat about how we can support your child / children. Alternatively, listed below is a link to a virtual tour of our school buildings and grounds.

Our Gardens and Playgrounds

At Exford, we have lots of lovely garden areas surrounding our classrooms and our play areas. The emphasis is on Australian native flowering plants, which are hardy and drought tolerant. Since all of our garden works in 2009, the native bird life has increased dramatically, with shows of parrots particularly – and we were delighted the day a koala stopped by on his travels to the Brisbane ranges.

We have shaded areas and passive areas, with lots of seating for our children and our families. We also have playground areas which are under shade sails.

We have increased our water catchment capacity so that we can water our gardens with rain and recycled water; our children catch the drips at the drink taps and use this water to care for plants which are under walkways and shelter.

Melton Shire Garden Arts Grant 2009

During 2009, we were successful in getting our $15,000 grant application from Melton Shire for our Arts / Environment project.

We incorporate an awareness of being environmentally caring and sustainable in our daily life at Exford and we link this to the importance of gardens in our lives (leisure, relaxation, sport, culture, environmental). During 2009, we involved our students in many activities that helped them think about the environment at home, at school and in the community around them. These are just a few:

  • We took the children on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens to do the school program (Thursday 4 June).
  • The children have researched the types of plants which can exist in drought conditions and appropriate environmentally sustainable practices
  • As part of our Melton Arts/ Garden project, the students, our staff and our community established new garden beds
  • Debbie (Blake and Jai’s nan) donated a succulent plant for each child and staff member
  • We completed the dramatic change to our environment with a beautiful mosaic wall – which every child had the opportunity to work on.

Please have a look at our photo show of the wonderful difference we have made to our school.

National School Pride Report

As part of the Federal Government’s Economic Stimulus Package, our school received funding to make repairs and refurbishments to our school during 2009. We undertook a number of improvements in our school environment. Take a look through this picture story of the difference we have been able to make – our children, staff and families are thrilled with the way our school now looks.

Accompanied by all the improvements we have made to our gardens, we’re looking as wonderful on the outside as we are on the inside!!