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On behalf of the Exford PS community, I want to acknowledge the compassion, generosity and support that we have received from so many people in our community over the past weeks.

To all who stopped to help our children on the afternoon of Tuesday 16 May – tradespeople, community members, past Exford PS parents and the many members of our emergency services – our thanks to you for your calm, courageous and selfless support for our children. Thanks also to the huge team of nurses, doctors, surgeons and others who have been nursing our children back to health. My thanks must also go to our amazing Exford PS staff who dropped everything to join me at the accident site and who have surrounded our children with love and support on that afternoon and on every day since.

We have had innumerable, wonderfully kind and thoughtful offers of support from organisations, individuals and schools – so many we can barely keep up with them. We are slowly beginning to work our way through responding to emails and phone calls and ask for your understanding as we do so.

Seeing all these people come together at such a difficult time to help our Exford kids has shown me the best of our community and we truly recognise the enormous contribution made by school staff, those tradie heroes, emergency services, medical staff and everyone else. Thanks to the Department of Education our school community who have surrounded us with care and additional supports at this time, looking after us and helping us to take care of our children. We always say at Exford that it takes a village to raise a child – and this has never been more true than at the present time.

We ask that funds raised for our students are deposited through Melton PS (BSB 063-241 Account 10119054 Reference – Exford PS donations) for processing and these funds will be transferred to Exford PS to provide additional therapies and supports for our students.

I send our heartfelt thanks to every single person who has helped us get through this difficult time.


Lisa Campo