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Making the most of each school day

Class Times

Our Literacy and Numeracy lessons are the focus of each school day.  Our specialist and PE programs are streamlined to ensure that classes have only one session per day.


It is so important that children are at school everyday, except for days when they are unwell and need an adult to care for them.   We ask that you make appointments during holiday times or after school hours wherever possible, or as late in the school day (given the difficulty of getting specialist appointments) so that your child is present for most of the school day.

If you need to log an absence for your child, our preferred method of notification is our FlexiSchool app.  Instructions below:

It’s not okay to be away

Exford PS has implemented the initiative promoted by DEECD to support and encourage children to be at school every day and to arrive on time.  The more children are at school, the more continuity they have with their classroom learning and with their friendships with their peers and classmates.  Even 10 minutes of lateness each morning adds up, and it means children miss out on the important settling and engaging routines of the morning.