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Our Literacy Program

We offer strong Literacy programs across our classrooms which cater for the needs of every student.

Recognising how critical it is for students to develop skills in Literacy, we have a daily dedicated two hour focus on Literacy, with an hour’s focus each on Reading and Writing, and an emphasis on Spoken Language throughout the day.

In our Early Years classrooms, our students are supported to learn to read and to write, with attention to the way English works (meaning, language structure and the way words look). Our students are then supported to use their Literacy skills for learning – in developing strong comprehension and research skills, greater spelling strategies and in becoming articulate and able to use Literacy confidently and skilfully.

In addition to our classroom teaching programs, we also offer an intervention program for students in the early years and we employ a skilled Speech Pathologist to improve the literacy skills of all students.

Our Leading Teacher-Educational Leader supports our teachers in refining their planning, assessment and teaching skills.

We have a large collection of texts which we use during our daily teaching, in addition to using magazine and newspaper articles. We use our Interactive Whiteboards extensively as well to support students in identifying and discussing text features.

All students are involved in our Take Home Reading Program, and we have established a strong Library collection from which our students can borrow. Each year we continue to add to the classroom Libraries collection to ensure our students have a large selection of reading material in their classrooms.