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eLearning and Information Communication Technology at Exford

Our students have daily opportunities to use ICT as a regular part of their learning. Teachers are able to provide ICT experiences and equipment to enhance the learning and teaching opportunities for all students. The use of ICT in all learning areas aims to equip our students to be proficient in important technologies, so essential to their future studies and eventual employment. Each classroom has networked computers and the Library / eLearning room has a class set of networked computers. These are complemented by the provision of a scanner, a camera, a multi-media projector, flip cameras, colour printers and Internet access throughout our school. We also have interactive whiteboards in our classrooms; our teachers receive regular opportunities to improve their own technology skills.

Each classroom has at least 4-5 computers and children are encouraged to use these on a daily basis; we also have a class set of computers in our Library / eLearning room which each class uses several times a week. We have invested in a number of programs which support the students’ learning and skill development. The school is also connected to the Internet, with students accessing DEECD’s safe internet zone, “Connect”, under teacher supervision.

The school has Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms. This new technology provides engaging activities for students, allowing them, along with their teacher, to create and change authentic pieces of work which are displayed on the whiteboard. Amongst other things, font can be changed to script, items moved and prioritised, shapes measured with electronic rulers and it can all be saved for recall or printing at a later date. The IWBs can be used in conjunction with a range of programs, as teaching tools (by teachers and by students), as well as for student activities. Teachers can use the IWBs to link to the internet to display and demonstrate, for example, a reference in a text being read can be explored or illustrations / models shown. The school is excited by the implementation of this technology as it seeks to better prepare our children.

Our eLearning room, next to the Library, is home to our class set of computers. Our specialist program, eLearning, is held here with Mrs Kennedy, our eLearning teacher and Coach, and the class teachers also bring their classes here several times each week to use these computers to teach students skills they can transfer into the classroom. Students are also able to research information using a combination of written texts and information located over the internet. All our internet access is via the DEECD safe internet zone, ‘FUSE’. Our students are involved in cyber-safety programs and in 2012 we will be taking part in the DEECD eSMART program.