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Our school is a very attractive, peaceful school, which has the feel of a small country primary school. We are able to offer small class sizes, calm playgrounds and excellent resources.

You are welcome to come for a personal tour and a chat about how we can support your child / children. Alternatively, listed below is a link to a virtual tour of our school buildings and grounds.

Exford PS School Upgrade

We were so excited when we were the funding for our School Upgrade was announced.  Stage 1 has already commenced, with the foundations for our Junior Learning Building and our new Administration and staff facilities building being the first to get underway.  Whilst we are a construction zone, we have been very careful with its staging so that it is safe for our students and staff, and we still have access to most of the school site.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Upgrading our facilities – bringing mains water and sewerage to the school (underway) and a major power upgrade (completed)
  • A new Administration building – including new Office area and foyer, Sick Bay, staff facilities and spaces for visiting staff or for parent – staff meetings
  • A new 8 classroom Junior Learning Building (with student toilets which can be accessed from inside the building during class time and from outside during break times)

Stage 2 includes:

  • A new two storey Senior Learning Building with 11 classrooms, Art and Music rooms and staff work spaces (this building will have an elevator)
  • A new Gymnasium – including a foyer, a stage (with an elevator) and a Canteen (this will be able to be used by community groups after hours)
  • Renovation of our BER building to include a new Library, Science and Technology room and a Food Preparation room
  • A new sports field
  • New playgrounds and landscaping

We anticipate moving into the Administration and Junior Learning Building in early 2022. Click here for too see the plans for our school.

Our Gardens and Playgrounds

At Exford, we have lots of lovely garden areas surrounding our classrooms and our play areas. The emphasis is on Australian native flowering plants, which are hardy and drought tolerant. Since all of our garden works in 2009, the native bird life has increased dramatically, with shows of parrots particularly – and we were delighted the day a koala stopped by on his travels to the Brisbane ranges.

We have shaded areas and passive areas, with lots of seating for our children and our families. We also have playground areas which are under shade sails.

We have increased our water catchment capacity so that we can water our gardens with rain and recycled water; our children catch the drips at the drink taps and use this water to care for plants which are under walkways and shelter.

National School Pride Report

As part of the Federal Government’s Economic Stimulus Package, our school received funding to make repairs and refurbishments to our school during 2009. We undertook a number of improvements in our school environment. Take a look through this picture story of the difference we have been able to make – our children, staff and families are thrilled with the way our school now looks.

Accompanied by all the improvements we have made to our gardens, we’re looking as wonderful on the outside as we are on the inside!!