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Exford Primary School was opened on July 1, 1902 under the name of Exford Estate School.  The school catered for children from the local farms in the Exford area and also children of workers on the Eynesbury estate, when it was a sheep station.  Unfortunately, we have little information about the history of the school – if you know more about our history or have any photos, we’d love to hear from you on

In 2002, our community celebrated the school’s Centenary.  In 2023, we will celebrate the opening of our school’s rebuild.

Exford PS circa 1900s

Exford Primary School circa 1900s

Exford PS in the news

Bacchus Marsh Express – Victoria 1866-1943 – Saturday 8 July 1911 – page 2

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Melton Express – Victoria 1915-1943 – Saturday 29 November 1930 – page 2