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Exford is a vital school, which has the unique attraction of being able to offer individual attention for all children, as well as being very well-resourced. We offer all the advantages of a semi-rural school environment, whilst having the latest technology and staff who are committed to supporting our students to be their best.

Exford is set in attractive gardens; our students are actively involved in planting and learning about sustaining our environment and we have a strong community commitment to caring for our grounds.

The school is located on Exford Road, six kilometres from Melton South within the City of Melton boundaries, on a 1.2-hectare site surrounded by farming land. We are approximately 5 km from the Eynesbury estate and only a few kilometres from the new  Weir Views (formerly Waterford) and Exford Waters estates. Some of our students travel from the wider Melton area, with other families coming from Exford, Eynesbury and Strathtulloh.

Our families articulate that Exford is a school of choice, and that they are committed to travelling the further distance to bring their students to our school.

When asked, our parent community identify the strong emphasis on courtesy, values, student resilience and personal and interpersonal learning fostered by our programs as being important reasons for selecting Exford for their children.

Parents seek the high quality educational program offered by the school as evidenced by the:

  • Personal and family oriented atmosphere
  • Personalised learning programs, supported by small class sizes for all year levels
  • Successful transition program with pre-schools and Secondary colleges
  • Commitment of the students, staff and parents
  • Effective and friendly communication within the school community
  • Individual caring and support for all students

Parental participation and involvement engenders pride, warmth, a sense of belonging and a strong partnership between home and school. We have a current enrolment of 305 students (October 2021).

Exford Primary School is committed to sharing achievements and caring for each child’s development. Each student’s progress is regularly communicated to parents through informal chats, information sessions, Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, and written reports. The school enjoys the strong support and respect of the parent and local Exford community, School Council and staff.