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Public Transport Victoria provide 2 buses to transport children living in Eynesbury to and from Exford PS. The school has requested that each bus service does two runs, to accommodate all the children. This does mean that the second bus runs often depart EPS at 3:50 pm or later, depending on the first run.

The 2019 timetable is attached here. The bus allocation your child has been given is for both the morning and afternoon runs – it is logistically very difficult to do otherwise.

The bus services are aiming to collect as many children from as close to home as possible, spreading out the bus loads and catering for as many children as we can. Please make sure your child is clear about which bus they are assigned to. The children are under the supervision of a member of staff until all children have left on the buses.

Any requests for changes need to be emailed to the school using our school app, ‘FlexiBuzz’, – this sends a message to Ms Kathryn Killeen, our Bus Co-ordinator and to the school email account. Also a reminder for our Eynesbury families to choose the ‘Eynesbury’ feed on FlexiBuzz so bus messages don’t go out to everyone.

As always, if your child will not use the day’s service, please use the ‘FlexiBuzz’ page to advise us so that we are not delaying the departure of buses looking for children who are absent or who have already been collected.