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Supporting our students to be confident, self-assured, happy and resilient is a critical part of our approach at Exford.

Fostering connections between students, given the growth our school has experienced, is supported through Buddy Class and other activities. Developing student leadership and a sense of student voice is part of our whole school strategy, with the positions of School Captains (2 Year 6 students) and Vice School Captains (2 Year 6 students) being highly sought after and honoured positions of student leadership. Our 4 School Captains work with our Junior School Councillors, 2 students elected from each of our classes and they are supported by one of our teachers.

During 2014, we reviewed our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy, in line with the DEECD’s new Guidelines (2014) and we thank the parents who gave us feedback through this process. We would like to release our new Student Wellbeing and Inclusion Policy (2015).

Our staff help each individual to:

  • Learn and grow in self-confidence and esteem
  • Develop interpersonal skills – the important manners and courtesies, as well as the confidence to deal with a range of social situations
  • Become a self-motivated and responsible learner
  • Achieve success in learning, particularly in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and eLearning
  • Acquire and develop the skills for: decision making, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

The school provides assistance to students, parents and staff when needed. We take time to support our students with issues they may be having, and encourage students to take responsibility for their actions and for being part of finding a resolution. Staff are proactive when in the classrooms and on Yard Duty, and closely monitor how children are playing.

Our students tell us that they feel happy at school, are connected to their classmates and friends, they feel safe and they confident in knowing staff are interested in them.

Please contact the school if there are any problems that are likely to upset your child’s learning. These matters are treated confidentially. We have strong pastoral care practices in place at our school and together, staff and parents, we are all responsible for the wellbeing of our students.