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At Exford Primary School, we accept payment by cash, cheque and now…… B-Pay.

Payment by cash & cheque must be signed in at the Office through our Money Register. Remember that no large amounts kept at the office and at times we may not be able to give change immediately.

BPAY is an electronic bill payment service providing families with the option of paying their school account at any time, day or night, on any day of the year via telephone or internet banking for a fee.

  • Printed on your Family Statement is a Biller Code & Unique Ref No.
  • After making a BPAYment, we ask that your send to the Office a BPAY Notification Slip within two business days.
  • There is a User-Pays flat fee of $1.00 per each individual BPAY transaction that will be invoiced to your Student and this will be the first $1.00 receipted, followed by the nominated charges.
  • If a BPAY Notification Slip is not received at the Office within two business days, the balance of the BPAY will be allocated against the oldest outstanding charges / invoices.
  • The restriction of the Department Financial system is such that once the money is allocated against a charge/invoice, it cannot be un-allocated.